Commercial Pilot Licenses

Commercial pilot license (CPL) is considered the basic step to start the pilot career in aviation field (industry) and to be paid for his/her work, As the licensee will be prepared and well trained to fly with night rating, instrument rating and multi-engine aircrafts. In result the holder becomes qualified to be airliner.

Commercial Pilot Licenses details

  • You must have completed a minimum of 205 hours, of which 20 may have been completed on approved simulator. This actually means that if you pursue a CPL with instrument Rating, you will need 180 hours of flight time.
  • Of these flight hours, 100 must be as pilot in command (PIC), which must include 5 hours as pilot in command at night. These hours must consist of a minimum of 20 hours cross country flight time, with at least 1 flight of more than 300 NM’s with 2 full stop landings at airfields other than base.
  • You must also complete a night cross country flight with a minimum of 3 legs with each leg being more than 50 MN’s.
  • You must have completed at least 10 take offs and 10 landings at night. You must have successfully completed the SACAA CPL theory examination, as the following IF Ops, Radio Aids. Air Law Aircraft Technical and General, Flight Planning, Human Performance, Meteorology, Navigation, Instruments and Radio General.
  • Application must be made to the SACCA for Commercial Pilot’s License. 

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