Private Pilot Licenses

Private Pilot License (PPL) is the beginning phase to achieve what you have dreamed of, Which educates the holder flight basics (or introduces the holder to flight basics). Moreover, it gives the licensee the capability to fly as a private pilot on a single engine aircraft and to have the opportunity to discover countries’ beauty from the sky.

Private Pilot License study details

  • You must be required to accumulate a minimum of 45 hours of flight time, which must include a minimum of 15 hours solo flight and a minimum of 25 hours dual flight instructor (flying with your instructor). The 25 dual flight instructor hours in aero planes must include 5 hours of basic instrument flight instruction. These 5 hours may be completed in an approved simulator. Within your solo flight time. You will be required to accumulate at least 5 hours solo cross-country flight time (flying from one airport to another)
  •  You must successfully complete 8 written examinations, which will test your knowledge on  POF, Radio, Air Law, ATG, Flight Planing, Human Performance, Metrology and Navigation.
  •  A Radio (operators) license, which is referred to as a Restricted Radio license must be  obtained before you are finally issued with your PPL. It is however a good idea to complete this requirement early on in your training. As the information covered assists greatly with all aspects of your flight training.
  • You will be required to successfully pass two practical flight skills tests. The first being General flight Test (GFT), which must be conducted by a Grade One or Two flight instructor, and will focus on your ability to handle the aircrafts in all normal, abnormal and emergency flight phases. These are aspects that you will cover extensively during your training, and this is now your chance to demonstrate your competency. The second flight test will examine your ability to safely conduct navigation procedures, and you will be required to fly yourself and your examiner on a pre-planned triangular route, with at least two “away” landings, and flight in controlled airspace. This is when it all comes together as a pilot, and is immensely satisfying and enjoyable.
  • Once you have accumulated the required flight time in your logbook, and passed all the above-mentioned tests, your paperwork will be checked. You can then send all the paperwork to the SACAA, and convert your student Pilot’s License to a Privet Pilot’s License.

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